Bulk Scanning


Bulk Scanning

VIKMANS as a principle does not participate in tenders or seek digitization of Job Work.

The latest tenders are published on VIKMANS in the tender section for the convenience of our BPO clients.

VIKMANS helps all its registered BPO customers for their temporary need of any additional scanning capacity requirements for a timely execution of a specific project.

We have an installed capacity by way of dedicated Demo Scanners and can scan more than 200,000pages per day for the loose type office documents, legal documents, application forms with photos or cut books.

We also have a huge capacity to scan bound books, maps, drawings, cheques or Microfilms…. We have a quick turn around time.

If you need such services and it is possible to bring papers to VIKMANS premises, you are welcome to contact us. We do not RENTscanners on hourly, daily or monthly basis OR sell Second Hand Scanners.